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    Alo 123 som testando o video…

    Bom demais


    Alo 123 som testando…

    NVME SSD 3.1 USB has broken partition


    ok this is the first great wall we are facing, working towards having a proper SSD NVME drive installed is not easy as it seems, we have to set proper partition and also install it properly so it can read and write, so, this is why sometimes the radio is getting weird like slow time broadcasting while its still connected, the sound seems not stable so we are working towards fixing this too, and that is why when we broadcast directly, without the transcoder, it runs fine! all live broadcasts are…

    working and it is finally floating!


    Floating as in the way the clouds float into the sky, now we are about to share with you the newest and latest experience to share music files within our system so you guys can have the best tracks faster and with great quality too! its a community so we might as well share just like the radio keeps things flowing! dont forget to visit out Euphonize at this link and soon all the radios will be online at our site, currently they are only…

    The latest work to recover the system has been done


    yes, now it is time to reschedule everything and make it happen again with the server and the shoutcast emulator even better than it was before! thanks for all the support and messages to hold on tight because I need power to make this happen, I need to be strong in order to bypass the difficulties that the system encounters while it is beeing programmed to stream radios for everyone! yeah we got this covered, just a couple more hours and radios should be back! if you have any questions please…

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